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The annual MFC Welcome Brunch brings together new and current MFC members for a morning filled with great food, fun, and friends. Those new to Rochester and Mayo are given an opportunity to make new friends, get involved in MFC Special Interest Groups, and learn about the Rochester community. The Welcome Brunch is the biggest MFC event each year, and a favorite for new and current MFC members. 

Special Interest Groups and the MFC Board will have tables set up at the event; you'll be able to learn more about different clubs and sign up for events and volunteer opportunities. There will also be a raffle at the event to win gift cards to local businesses.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.  Questions about the event or inquiries to volunteer can be directed to our Welcome Brunch Organizers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a trainee, am I invited to the brunch, too?

The MFC Welcome Brunch is for spouses and significant others of medical residents, fellows and medical students only. Mayo Families Connection, the event sponsor, is a group specifically for those in a relationship with a medical trainee. If you are a trainee and have a spouse or significant other, we would love to have them at the Welcome Brunch! 

As a trainee, you will be invited to be part of Mayo Fellows Association (MFA), which is the group for Mayo residents, fellows and students. You can find more about that organization here (must be logged on to Mayo network) or here.

What if my spouse/significant other and I are both trainees?

You are in a unique position to belong to both the MFA (Mayo Fellows Association) and MFC (Mayo Families Connection). You and your spouse/significant other are both welcome to participate in MFC events since you are in a relationship with a trainee. We hope to see you at the brunch!

Are children invited to the Welcome Brunch?

Children will not be "catered" to but are allowed -- we know childcare in a new city can be tough and we want to meet you regardless. Please note that there will not be activities specifically for children, but that there will also not be anything inappropriate or dangerous. 

I'm nervous to attend the Welcome Brunch alone. Can I bring my spouse/significant other/family member/friend?

Due to limited space, we are unable to accommodate guests at the Welcome Brunch. The purpose of the Welcome Brunch is to give you the opportunity to meet others new to Rochester as well. Please know that many people will be attending alone, so it's very easy to meet others just like you!

We also encourage you to sign up for MFC Buddies and attend with your buddy. Otherwise, there is an opportunity to meet other significant others prior to the brunch at the "Making the Move" workshop. Many people who connect at those events chose to meet up again at the Welcome Brunch.

I've heard about a Making the Move workshop and a Welcome Brunch. Are they the same thing? Which one should I attend?

The Making the Move workshop is an event put on by the Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education (MCSGME) and is an educational event meant to provide information on living in Rochester, networking, and employment assistance. MFC members also speak on a panel and answer questions during this event. The Welcome Brunch is an event put on by Mayo Families' Connection (MFC) and is a social event meant to help medical spouses and significant others connect. The event is mostly social and networking, with some information provided about local businesses who make raffle prize and swag bag donations.  For more information on Making the Move Workshops,  click here

MFC feels that both events are important in their own way and encourage you to attend both if possible! To receive more information on Making the Move, contact Michelle Pederson at pederson.michelle@mayo.edu.

What is the dress code for the brunch?

There is no dress code for the Welcome Brunch. Many attendees often choose dressy casual or business casual attire.

Where do I park?

Street parking and city ramps downtown are free on weekends, Mayo Civic Center Ramp is connected to the Art Center. The ramp entrance is located on 1st Avenue, west of Civic Center Drive, attached to the Rochester Public Library. Handicap parking is available in front of the Mayo Civic Center.

Metered parking is available on city streets near the Art Center. Meters are FREE after 5pm on weekdays, FREE all-day Saturdays and Sundays, and FREE on major Holidays unless otherwise listed.

I can't come for the entire time. Will I be interrupting if I arrive late or leave early? 

Not at all! We understand that you may have other commitments and while we would love to see you for the entire time, we are happy for you to attend as long as you can. 

Anything else I need to know?

Photos/video will be taken at MFC events and may be used in our public communications. Attendance is considered consent.

2022 Welcome Brunch

Thank you volunteers that made the event possible; it was great to see everyone! Check out the photo recaps of last year's brunch.

Left: Our special interest groups and event organizers will be at the brunch to answer any questions you have. This is a great chance to join groups or volunteer for upcoming events.

Right: Our brunch held at the atrium of the Gonda building. Photo by Sonya G. Photography.